Idaho's two Republican Congressmen responded to the vote to impeach President Donald Trump.  The president is the first president in the history of the Republic to be impeached twice.  Idaho is a dominant Republican state.  Here's how our two congressmen reacted to Wednesday's impeachment.Here's the statement from Congressman Russ Fulcher:

“Our Congress’ legislative process was put in place to facilitate debate, improve ideas, and ensure minority voices are heard throughout. Though these official processes have been trampled by Speaker Pelosi’s recent rule changes to lessen the voices of the minority party, the fact remains – there IS a process. 

The attacks on our Capitol on January 6th have no place in politics, and cannot be tolerated as any sort of norm when official processes are being carried out—no matter how divisive or contentious the issue being addressed.

On January 20th, the process will take place to inaugurate a new President, and I believe, if our republic is to survive, we must respect that.

I anticipate this will be made only more difficult and divisive by further attempts to impeach President Trump in the House, with only days left in his term, and without proper hearings or investigations taking place. As reiterated in my attached letter to the Speaker sent January 9th, this is not the time to drive the partisan wedge deeper.”

Here's the statement from Congressman Mike Simpson: 

“Last week’s events at the Capitol represent a dark and tragic moment for our nation.  Americans are feeling hurt and angry and every one of us is craving justice.  Our nation is facing a time of reckoning—what can each of us do to pull ourselves back from the precipice?  We cannot continue to demonize each other.  We have seen where hate and division lead. 

“Today’s vote unfortunately does not put us on a path to healing.  Impeachment is one of the gravest acts that Congress can take, and no matter what the accusation is, our Constitution guarantees every American the right to due process.  At a time when the very institutions of our democracy are under threat, it is more critical than ever to afford every person those rights.  To hold a vote just two days after articles of impeachment are introduced with no hearings or process of any kind is to disrespect and further endanger the very establishment we are trying to protect.  As elected officials, we cannot continue to pursue these personal and political attacks.  I know that in the face of such profoundly deep division, the hardest thing to do is to understand or empathize with people who hold starkly different views from our own.  But we must.  We must move forward with civility, respect, and tolerance being our guiding principles and seek common ground.  Both sides must stop shouting into their respective echo chambers and at each other. We are Americans first, and it is time for us to do the difficult work of reconciliation.  Our democracy depends on it.”

The United States Senate has not scheduled a time for a trial of the president.  Keep it on KIDO Talk Radio for the latest in this developing story.

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