The world-famous Drudge Report recently carried a story from Idaho concerning our ICU bed shortages in our hospitals. The headline read 'Idaho hospitals struggling' or something like that.

Our institutions report that the current rates of Covid infections have surpassed the previous highs of last year. And yet, no Idaho elected leader or health district had suggested reducing attendance, mask-wearing, or other measures that were instituted when Covid rates were out of control.

I would guess that any elected leader in our state has calculated that the political fallout from ordering another reduction in freedom would cost them their jobs. Election season is just around the corner in the Gem State, and no one wants to lose their jobs. It appears that Idahoans are on their own when it comes to deciding whether or not to risk getting Covid.  

The only person who has suggested adjusting their protocol is Boise State President Doctor Marlene Tromp. She is not an elected official, but Boise State, like everyone else, needs the revenue from in-class attendance and athletic events to keep the lights on. Tromp is not an elected official but should be commended for her stance on student's safety.  

Without any direction from local governments, I fear most Idahoans will continue to take their chances with this virus. Covid is not a death sentence; for others, most of us will continue to live our lives until someone steps limit significant 'spreader events.' Am I advocating we shut down the state again? No, but if authorities made the right moves last time that led to reductions of infections, why are they not moving in that direction again?

How about events for the vaccinated? Some sports teams are implementing those requirements for attendance. We are now seeing more and more cases of the vaccinated becoming infecting. They are also passing it on to others who may or may not have gotten the shot.

Last week we reported that the state could be moving into a historic direction of denying care to Idahoans because of Covid.  We reported that hospitals are now reducing care because of Covid.  Why is no one considering some type of reduction in gatherings to curb the spread?

What's needed in this state is clear leadership when it comes to fighting this virus. The message of taking the shot, wear the mask is not working. Will anyone step up and make the same call as Doctor Tromp?

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