You remember that old saying about the only certainty in life is death and taxes?  Perhaps, it's time to add rising Gem State gas prices?A new report from Triple A Idaho says that the nation's gas prices rose just three cents per gallon, while Idaho's prices rose two cents per gallon.  Idaho was not alone in consumers feeling more pain at the pump.  Thirty states saw an average increase for the price of gasoline.

Are the rising prices due to more people leaving their homes because states have relaxed their stay at home orders?   “It’s a very challenging situation right now.  Drivers may be ready to hit the road, and their preferred destination may be open in some cases, but other places along the route may not be, at least for the time being,” says AAA Idaho Public Affairs Director Matthew Conde, said in a press release.  “All of the uncertainty could make fuel demand pretty shaky in the next few weeks.”

What is the national price for gasoline per gallon?  Consumers are paying an average of  $2.19, while in Idaho it's $2.33.

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