Governor Brad Little will be speaking to the state today in a speech available to folks throughout the state. What will the governor say? We'll find out today at 12:30. We do not have access to the governor's speech; however, based on experience covering the governor, here is what we believe he will address this afternoon.

The governor will begin by praising the recent rise in vaccination rates across the state.  We see this in his Twitter post recently.  Look for the governor to say we need more Idahoans taking the poke to stop spread of the deadly Delta virus.

Governor Little will then shift to the bad news concerning the rising rates of the Delta variant in Idaho.  He will provide us with the current numbers of beds available at hospital ICUs across Idaho.  We will hear of the return of the health districts that will determine whether or not they will restrict businesses once again.  The governor will tout the surplus and how strong our economy is currently.  He will then pivot to say that shutdowns, which he doesn't want to do, will negatively hurt the state.


Governor Little's speech is a repeat of what we've heard and seen before when it comes to Covid.  Despite the best promises of Fauci and others, regrettably we are heading back into the great unknown.  On a related note, public health officials appear to be in a bind because the vaccine does not totally protect folks from the Delta variant.  If public events continue, we will see more and more Covid infections.  If public officials return to restrictions the economy will take another dive.  Which path will they choose? 

You can watch the governor's speech here.

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