Click here if you missed are part one of our series on how to buy a house in Idaho.  Housing prices continue to rise and competition is at an all time high for buying your dream home.  We once again have asked twenty five year real estate veteran Greg Ferrera of Real Estate Idaho.

Greg detailed some crucial steps after making the decision that it was go time in the world of Treasure Valley real estate.  "Once pre-approved consider your Budget, as your mortgage payment shouldn’t make you “House” poor. There are mainly ongoing expenses owning a home—upkeep of landscaping, Furnace maintenance, Furniture, Bedroom sets, appliances, Art, patio furniture etc.….., he shared.  Ferrera said, "go over your budget multiple times to  insure you have an enjoyable  experience with your new home. Maybe ask some friends who have recently gone thru the process to share some of the extras they forgot to add…"

Before traveling to your new home, it's best to write down a wish list of features that you're looking for says Ferrera.  "Write a list of features you would like to have in your new home. This starts with number of bedrooms, this may seem easy at first, however, with the recent lock-downs and new remote working opportunities, an extra room or office may now be a requirement, not a luxury. Bathrooms are the next important topic, as you only need 1  ----until you need 2….ohoh!!   Understand the difference between half bath and full bath…half bath means a toilet and sink only…full bath means toilet, sink and tub or shower or both. This can be a little confusing when looking at homes online, as this is sometimes miscommunication on MLS listings. Next, layout is next extremely important—depending on your family situation—small children, older children and what spaces you need for all members of your family to feel comfortable and safe, you may need multiple living spaces, meaning a bonus room, or upstairs rooms, large family rooms…TV rooms…Kitchen/family room layout are critical to consider…as well as master bedroom location and layout with respect to the rest of the home…take time to think this thru…it is difficult to change after you move in."

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