The quest by some in Idaho reminds me of what happens when the newest hot toy comes out. Or, in adult terms, the latest phone or technology that everyone says is the best. Idaho is not one of the leaders when giving the shot to those who want it in the Gem State. The Washington Post recently reported that Idaho is near the bottom of states to shot distributions.  

In response to that report, the governor and the state's largest hospitals have issued releases on how they will speed up vaccine distribution. However, what happens if people don't want the shot?

Some folks have speculated that employers will require employees to be vaccinated? Published accounts report that airlines are pushing back against a mandatory vaccination before boarding domestic flights.  

The questions will continue to permeate around the country until herd immunity is reached through infections or vaccinations. Let's hope that Idahoans act more responsibly than the kids camping out all night for the latest iPhone.  

A release from the governor states:  

"Governor Brad Little announced today the State of Idaho launched a new COVID-19 vaccination information web page to help Idahoans more easily find information on when and where to get vaccinated and what to expect when they get to their appointment.

The new web page is

"The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Idaho is my number one priority, and we are doing everything we can to get people vaccinated as safely, quickly, fairly, and transparently as possible," Governor Little said.

Local public health districts are responsible for implementing vaccination plans, and enrolled COVID-19 vaccine provider information is on each public health district website, but the new resource offers just one place where all Idahoans can find out when they are eligible to receive the vaccine and where to access enrolled COVID-19 vaccine providers in their area."

The page also tells Idahoans which priority groups, by occupation and age, are next in line for the vaccine.

The new web page can also be accessed at, which will continue to be a source of information about the COVID-19 vaccine as well.


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