Conservative lawmaker State Representative Barbara Ehardt is once again making headlines.  The Republican lawmaker from Eastern Idaho will introduce a bill banning those born as boys from competing in girls sports.  The  Idaho state representative feels it is not "fair" to allow those who were born male to participate in girls' sports, even if the person now identifies as female. Rep. Barbara Ehardt is set to introduce legislation that would bar biologically male athletes from entering into female competitions, "because it's not fair." Speaking to the East Idaho News on Monday, Ehardt claimed that there are "inherent biological, scientific advantages" that give boys a leg up. She says that she has been working on this legislation for over 18 months.

Ehardt gained national attention last year for sending a letter to the president of Boise State University expressing her disapproval with the liberal direction of the school.  She was joined by several conservative lawmakers who signed her letter. The furor over the letter led to a panel discussion between lawmakers and students at Boise State over the diversity issue.

Other statehouses are considering similar bills, including New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri, says the Wall Street Journal. Alabama has already put forward the Gender is Real Legislative (GIRL) Act. How do you feel about the issue?  Is this issue important to you or would you rather your lawmakers focus on fiscal issues?

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