The subject of public performances of drag queens will be one of the topics of the upcoming legislative session. Multiple published reports say a bill will be proposed to ban public drag performances in Idaho. The Idaho Capital Sun reported that the Idaho Family Center worked on a defensible bill.

The subject of drag queen performances has taken center in Gem State politics. Several high-profile sponsors pulled their financial support from Boise's Gay Pride Parade over reports that drag queens would be reading stories to children. Child drag queens did appear before the public during the weekend event last month.

Can a state ban drag queens? Wouldn't that be a First Amendment issue? I don't see the establishment leadership of the state's Republican Party allowing this type of legislation to get a committee hearing. If the folks in charge will not allow property tax or grocery tax legislation to be discussed, why would they let this measure be heard?

If this legislation is proposed, I'm sure we'll have at least a few new dueling conferences where both sides condemn the other. National Conservative and LGBT groups will descend on the Gem State, spouting their rhetoric, hoping to sway the middle to their side. The business community will whine about how this proposal will hurt their ability to do business in Idaho.

If nothing else, the proposed 'drag ban' will make the new legislative session enjoyable. I believe that our state does not have the conservative social reputation that most folks believe we have. Idaho has a strong, dominate libertarian streak that will be revealed if or when this bill comes before the legislature.

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