To get the Idaho Legislature to reconvene, Joe Biden has accomplished something that thousands of Idahoans have tried and failed to do reconvening the Idaho Legislature. Biden's vaccine mandate is the motivation for bringing back the legislature. Legislatures vow to pass legislating making Biden's mandate illegal in the Gem State. 

However, no word on why the speaker did not reconvene the legislature when asked by the lieutenant governor to protect hospital workers? Or why the legislature, unlike the Montana Legislature, didn't pass legislation to protect workers during its most prolonged session spring?  

Boise State Capital Building
Boise State Capital Building

The legislature's plan will focus on a few items, reports Idaho Education News. Last night, one legislator told us that there is no limit to how many bills can be proposed during the new session. There was a concern that this session, like the last one, would be limit what could and couldn't be submitted. You recall that the legislature reconvenes to pass bills concerning liability for a brief period over the summer.  


Is the threat of Biden's vaccination or termination mandate necessitate a third legislative session? Or is this an attempt by the speaker and his followers the opportunity to appease the base? The legislative session starts in January; why not wait until then? How can the speaker, who is running for lieutenant governor, rectify the two narratives? Why is it so essential to stop Joe Biden when the speaker said he doesn't think the government should have a role in telling businesses what to do?  

YouTube/ Idaho Public Television

How can the legislature serve Idahoans? How about protecting all Idahoans who are threatened with putting something into their bodies against their will? How can leadership vow to fight Joey Biden and allow hospitals and private employers to do the same thing?  

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