A group of state representatives has released a letter supporting protecting workers from getting the shot as a term of employment. We received the letter from State Representative Tammy Nichols of Middleton. The letter lists the current representatives who support reconvening the legislature to deal with this issue.

The statement below is in support of the legislature tackling this issue once and for all. Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin is the only member of the executive branch of government to call on the speaker of the house to reconvene the house. Senator Jim Rice of Caldwell told us this morning that Governor Little cannot call the legislature back to the session. In other words, it's all up to Speaker of the House Scott Bedke to decide if the legislature would return.

Idaho's three major healthcare providers have declared employees, contractors, and others will have to get the shot, or they will be fired. The group #stopthemandate continues to hold rallies at Saint Luke's, Primary Health, and Saint Alphonsus. The deadline for the first shot is in September. Let's hope that more legislators will put their signature on the letter to pressure the speaker to make the right call. On another note, the legislature will be back in town to deal with an ethics complaint against a legislature.  

Here is the letter from the representatives. Is your representative on the list?

Most employers are choosing to inform and educate employees regarding 

COVID vaccines/shots. However, some Idaho employers have recently threatened employees with job loss if they refuse the COVID vaccines/shots.

We believe the right to refuse invasive medical procedures and experiments, including vaccinations, inoculations, immunizations, and genetic modulations (gene therapy), is paramount to the interest of the employers.

Other legislators have drafted similar letters of support for their districts to try to allow as many legislative members as possible the opportunity to sign on in a short amount of time.

Those who have signed on to this letter thus far unite with the following:

We do hereby support legislation and the process to properly protect the physical and health freedoms of Idaho employees from mandatory COVID vaccinations/shots. 

Reconveying of the legislature is the necessary next step in upholding and protecting the rights of the people.

           per pro The Idaho Senate and House Members  

           Rep. Karey Hanks- District 35 Rep. Tony Wisniewski-District 3

           Sen. Christy Zito-District 23 Rep. Heather Scott-District 1

           Rep. Tammy Nichols- District 11 Rep. Randy Armstrong-28

           Rep. Priscilla Giddings-District 7 Rep. Judy Boyle-District 9

           Rep. Chad Christensen-District 32 Rep. Mike Kingsley-District 6

           Sen. Regina Bayer-District 21 Rep. Julianne Young-District 31

           Rep. Ron Nate-District 34 Rep. Greg Ferch-21

           Rep. Vito Barbieri -District 2 Rep. Dorothy Moon-District 8

           Rep. Doug Okuniewicz- District 2 Rep. Julie Yamamoto-District 10

           Rep. Ryan Kerby-District 9 Rep. Terry Gestrin-District 8

           Rep. Charlie Shepherd-District 7

           Rep. Mike Moyle-District 14                                         

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