You can't win if you don't play. We hear that all the time comes to the largest biggest ever lottery jackpot until the next one comes along.

For most of us, we're all losers when it comes to playing the lottery. Sure, it goes to a great cause, Idaho Public Schools, and we all have fun pooling our money with coworkers, family friends, and others to 'increase our chances of winning big.' No one wants to be left behind at the office or the shop because we didn't spend the ten bucks to join the pool.

However, as Sports Talk Radio Host Ben Maller often says, 'I play the lottery, so I can tell my kids how I lost a billion dollars!' Do you know anyone who has won the big in the lottery? I'm not asking about someone who wins a free ticket, but someone who has one thousand dollars?

In Idaho, there is one man who has won the lottery six times. Yep, six times and he's making the news again with his latest win. The Idaho Lottery shared his thoughts in a press release:

Bryan Moss is someone who has a positive outlook toward life and today he has an additional 250,000 reasons to be happy.  Moss, plays the Idaho Lottery regularly and does so because he knows it benefits Idaho schools, claimed the first $250,000 on the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game $250,000 Crossword this morning.  His winning ticket was purchased at the ExtraMile on Eagle Road and Goldstone in Meridian.

Mr. Moss is a small business owner in Meridian. He tells the Idaho Lottery that he will use his winnings to help fund his daughter's education. Remember, the Idaho Lottery helps support Idaho Public Schools.

What are your chances of winning the scratch game?  Fox News reports the odds of winning the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game $250,000 Crossword are 1 in 152,433.


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