Conservatives in Idaho have been making headlines lately. If you believe what you read or see, Idaho's Conservatives are running wild. Doctor Ryan Cole is now being investigated by the state of Washington's Medical Board, reports KTVB.

Doctor Cole has received worldwide attention for his views on treating patients during the pandemic. Cole has appeared on hundreds if not thousands of shows expressing his thoughts on what drugs should be used to treat Covid.

Doctor Cole's larger profile has now made him a target for exercising his First Amendment rights in Joe Biden's America. Cole is the newest member of Central District Health, which has been called into question because of these complaints. Has Doctor Cole committed a crime? The coverage would suggest that he did something wrong by speaking up for his patients. It's ironic that the same media who clamored to interview Doctor Cole is reporting his troubles without remorse. If Doctor Cole was so bad, why give him the air time?    

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeahin took the time, effort, and personal sacrifice to investigate what was being taught in Idaho Public Schools. Her reward was to be sued by the Idaho Press Club and over $50,000 in legal bills. We believe we saw one headline that claimed the lieutenant governor would pass along the bill to the taxpayers. Did anyone ever investigate what is taught to Idaho's kids? Not that we're aware; however, why would parents make up untrue allegations?

Ammon Bundy is building an army if you believe the latest national publication. Mr. Bundy is running for governor while also growing a group called the 'People's Rights.' They call the group far-right and anti-government. Has a national or local media outlet given the same type of attention to ANTIFA? Mr. Bundy is an American who has a right to speak his mind and meet with like-minded folks. We'd suggest the media should attend a few meetings before coming to conclusions. Then again, would a group of conservatives meet to discuss the constitution garner a multitude of clicks?  

Have you ever read a story that was favorable to conservatives? Would it be too much to ask our friends in the media to look at both sides of an issue before publishing their conclusions?

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