The state of Idaho announced today that the Gem State would return to Stage 4 guidelines. Dave Jeppesen, director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, made the announcement Tuesday. Jepson announced press and video releases.

  The move to Stage 4 means there will be no more limits on outside public gatherings. We could see a return of significant sporting events and concerts. Stage 3 guidelines limited the number of people allowed to gather outside to no more than fifty individuals. We've already seen a return to outside gatherings for college graduations. The move to Stage 4 will be a much-needed boost to the wedding, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Restaurants that have been decimated will no longer have to worry about crowd restrictions.  

Governor Little's Statement

“Thanks to the actions of Idahoans in protecting their neighbors and getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Idaho’s schools and businesses have stayed open longer than almost every other state and we have prevented a crisis in our health care system. The move to Stage 4 signals to Idahoans that we have been open, and we will stay open, and we must keep up the good work,” Gov. Brad Little said.

Director Jeppesen

“Our overall numbers are very encouraging, and we are confident about our decision to move the state to Stage 4,” said DHW Director Dave Jeppesen. “We’re currently seeing some of the best numbers we have seen since last summer. We think the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the main reasons for that, and we want to encourage people who haven’t yet gotten the vaccine to consider choosing to get the vaccine to allow things to continue to improve.”

Idaho Stage 4 Guidelines

  • Idaho remains open with recommendations to protect lives, healthcare access, and the economy.
  • Vaccines are encouraged to help keep Idaho open.
  • There are no more recommended gathering size limitations, but recommended guidance on how to gather safely is available and encouraged.
  • Face coverings are recommended when physical distancing is difficult per guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Face coverings continue to be required for people who are visiting or working in a long-term care facility, to protect vulnerable residents.
  • Everyone, including businesses, should follow physical distancing and sanitation recommendations.

Watch the video here

Here's a link to Stage 4 Guidelines.

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