We all know about the challenges of living in a mountain desert state. If you're not a fan of rain, then Idaho is the place for you.

We do need rain for our water supply, and Idaho's irrigation system rivals the best in the world. The system's creators transformed a desert climate into one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country.

Our water system has its limits, whether it's a drought like this year or the continued demands of an ever-growing population. Treasure Valley residents suffered from wells running dry, cities shortening their irrigation season, along with HOAs dictating watering every other day. Could Idaho suffer the same fate as the other Western States like California and Arizona?

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One Idaho politician has offered a solution sharing it with the readers of the Idaho Business Review. Republican Speaker of the House Scott Bedke says that Idaho should take advantage of the American Rescue Plan Act. He says that our state will receive a massive influx of federal dollars that we'll have to repay regardless if we return the money or not.

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Bedke makes the case that it's time to invest in our water infrastructure. He advocates using the one-time money to secure our future by building and rebuilding our water storage capabilities. He writes in the IBR:

Improving our water infrastructure, increasing aquifer storage and securing water for generations would help every single Idahoan in a variety of ways. Working in partnership with our friends on the Idaho Water Resource Board, I am already developing a plan to use ARPA dollars to increase our state aquifer recharge capability.


Bedke is the first politician who has publicly detailed a plan that is proactive instead of reactive when it comes to our water supply. Politicians at any level would be wise to consider his plan to secure our future as a leader in agriculture and quality of life.

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