We all know the old saying. 'waste not want.'  Well, in Idaho potato farmers live by that motto.  The coronavirus has almost completely ruined the restaurant business.  Without businesses buying their products, farmers have are now struggling.  However, one potato farmer in Idaho is making a difference.  Ryan Cranny of Cranny Farms is now giving away his potato crop, says Fox News. 

The reaction will not surprise anyone who lives in Idaho.  According to published reports, people are driving to Cranny Farms to pick up their potatoes..  Cranny shares his thoughts on why he's helping others. . "A lot of the people they were not necessarily gathering for themselves, but they were gathering for someone else and going and delivering those to friends, neighbors, someone they know is struggling," he told channel 7.   The big questions for all of our how are we eating?  What are you doing when it comes to meals now? Ordering out, cooking at home?

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