If the Idaho Satanic Temple is looking to get attention, they have once again achieved its goal. According to multiple published reports and social media outlets, the Satanists are planning to visit a Pride event in Coeur d'Alene this weekend. 

Idaho Christians and Satanists Showdown at Statehouse

Christians and Satanists Showdown at the Capitol

The Pride day invites Idahoans to attend the event featuring several local entertainers, including drag queens. Media outlets report that the Satanists will perform unbaptisms. Published reports state that an unbaptism is an act designed to undo a baptism.  




We've looked for confirmation from the Idaho Satanic Temple concerning this event but could not find anything on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. The Idaho Satanists have been very active in our area last year.

As we've reported here and here, the group has held two events at the statehouse. They are loud as they usually parade around, eventually finding one area to chant loudly.  We'll continue you to monitor this story and update you as this story devlops. 

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

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