It's no secret that President Biden wants to expand gun control or gun regulations in America. Idaho is a state that champions the Second Amendment. In 2014, the state legislature passed a law making Idaho a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. So what do President Biden's gun plans have to do with the Gem State? Could the president, through executive orders, take away your right to keep and bear arms?  

How Idaho became a Second Amendment Sanctuary State

The Idaho Senate voted 28-7 for a bill, SB 1205, that would not allow state money to enforce federal law and reports the Idaho Press. The pro-gun movement has continued to gain momentum in the Gem State due to the work of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. The nonprofit group has successfully pressured our state government to pass laws that strengthen the Second Amendment.  

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President Biden announced six executive orders that he says would keep Americans safe. (You can read them in detail, thanks to the Idaho Press here.)

Biden's big power grab

Biden's significant reach is Red Flag Laws. Gun rights advocates argue that those laws eliminate due process, a guaranteed right under the United States Constitution. If someone is deemed a danger by a family member or law enforcement, a court can take away their guns. The accused will have to petition the court to get their weapons back.  

Does law enforcement support the bill?

Senators debate the issue before passing the measure overwhelmingly. The bill was supported by members of the law enforcement community who spoke as the bill began discussing. However, other groups said the law was not needed in Idaho.

Moms Demand Action issued the following criticism in a press release:

With over 260 gun deaths per year, Idaho needs proven gun safety laws to end this public health crisis but under a nullification law Idaho law enforcement officers would be discouraged from assisting federal authorities in making sure people who are a threat to themselves and others don't have access to a firearm. Nullification is widely opposed by law enforcement officers across the country and a similar bill was recently defeated in Wyoming this session

Gun violence costs Idaho $1.9 billion each year, of which $44.2 million is paid by taxpayers. Lawmakers should be focused on legislation that will save lives and money in the state such as extreme risk and secure storage laws

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