Idaho politics used to be very quiet and unassuming. Whether we want to blame the pandemic or the post-Trump presidency, Idaho is again in the national spotlight.  Several major publications well as cable networks are devoting resources to Gem State politics. 

Janice McGeachin Calls Out the Left in Idaho

A look at how Janice McGeachin is fighting back against the liberals in Idaho.

The LA Times recently profiled the Idaho governor's race as an example of the popularity or lack thereof within the Idaho Republican Party. The Times says that Trump's endorsement.  Columnist Mark Barabak described Janice McGeachin's campaign:

"It’s not just that Trump is omnipresent in her advertising, or that McGeachin mimics his flame-throwing rhetoric. She’s also modeled Trump’s flamboyantly defiant behavior, challenging Gov. Brad Little, a fellow Republican, in the upcoming primary and, as lieutenant governor, acting to overturn his policies when he’s left Idaho."

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Does that sound like Janice McGeachin to you? Lt. Gov. McGeachin has campaigned against the governor's leadership during the Covid lockdowns. She is not alone in opposition to Governor Little's decisions to close down businesses. The governor did give her the Heisman by not informing her when he left the state. The governor and the attorney general do not recognize the Idaho Constitution's direction when the governor leaves town.



Mr. Barabak is more generous with his description of the governor. He labels him as a pragmatic, low-key Republican who's run the state for years. He reviews the governor's accomplishments which reads like a press release from the governor's office. He fails to mention the lack of affordable housing and wage stagnation among most Idahoans.

Is Idaho's Governor Donald Trump's Proxy War?

McGeachin received a historical boost when President Trump endorsed her.  The question remains how big of an impact Trump's influence will have in Idaho.  He has been touring the country holding weekly rallies.  A Trump appearance in Idaho would send McGeachin's numbers skyrocketing.

The Battle of Money vs Grassroots

The governor's campaign will involve touring the state, advertising on every platform, and every endorsement possible.  McGeachin can counter not only with a Trump appearance/rally in Idaho but by using the president's voice on every radio and television commercial.

What the national media misses is that this race is not about Donald Trump.  It's about which type of leadership Idaho Republicans prefer.  Pro-business would be a vote for Brad Little.  State right's/populism is a vote for McGeachin.  The good news for all Idahoans is that the primary is less than six weeks away.  There are no more distractions, it's go time!

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