Groups that are impacted by the decision by the three major healthcare providers to force workers to take the vaccine or face termination are holding two rallies this week.  Their goal is to influence elected officials to reconvene the state legislature.  Once back in session, the hopes of the workers is that state lawmakers would pass a law to prohibit forced shots as a term of employment.

Two rallies will be held within a week in Boise. The first one will be held at the Statehouse at 10am on July 15th.  The second rally will be at Saint Luke's in Meridian on July 19th at 4pm which will be led by Health Freedom Idaho.

The following is a written statement from one of the organizers of these events:

We are having a rally this Thursday on the capitol steps for healthcare workers and anyone who is facing discrimination because of vaccines. They have fought for us throughout this pandemic and now it is our turn to fight for them. We have several healthcare workers scheduled to appear to include upper level management, students, RNs,pregnant nurses, a doctor, and more!

We will have resources for those that show up and ways to get involved with what I believe to be the largest movement  since civil rights in the 1960s.We have a message to give to employers who think they have a right to violate our body autonomy. We have the right to choose! We also have a message for speaker Bedke and Governor Little. Please confirm with details, and any need to know information for the show. Let me know if you need anything else.

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