Oh, parents, don't we know it.  Pants that fit our 6-year-olds last week are high waters this week because we fed them some carrots and blueberries. Kids grow like weeds, and that can mean we're buying new clothes every time we turn around, which gets expensive in a hurry.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale will be a great place to shop and save some money this weekend.

There will be a hundred or more vendor booths set up this Saturday, May 21st, at the Expo Idaho parking lot in Garden City.  Idaho's Largest Garage Sale will have some commercial booths, plus dozens of non-commercial vendors will be selling things to clean out houses and apartments and make a few dollars off of things that are still in good shape.

If you have kids, whether something is in "good shape" is debatable, especially after three or four kids.  But look at it this way.  Many of us have picky kids who love a shirt one day and hate it the next, and that means there will be plenty of stuff that's barely worn.  And there will be toys that have barely been used because kids have short attention spans.  But this time next week, the kids can have a whole new wardrobe and some new Barbies and WiiU games, and you'll only be out a few bucks.  Win-win.

And of course, if you're in the mood for lawn ornaments, furniture, or even the skeletal remains of a cow's head, I'm sure you'll find it!  There will be no shortage of treasures for sale this weekend.

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is rain or shine, from 7am to 6pm on Saturday. We'll see you there, and we'll watch for your great finds on social media.

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