It happens every year in Idaho. It happens every year across the country. The day that new laws go into effect. Sadly, ignorance of the law isn't an excuse, whether it's a speed limit issue or something else the legislature passed last Winter. Here's a guide to Idaho's new laws now on the books.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reports that several laws will hit the books officially on July 1st.

Idahoans will allow breastfeeding in public without fear of prosecution. The Gem State joins several other states that have similar protections on the books.

You will not be charged with a crime if you break a window in a car if you believe a child is in danger from the heat. The only restriction is that 'reasonable force' is used to save a life.

The Good Samaritan Law protects Idahoans who overdose on drugs will not be subject to drug possession charges. For more information on Idaho's new laws, check out Betsy Russell's article here.

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