Idaho is not a low-cost state when it comes to the cost of gasoline in the Gem State. Our state is ranked as one of the highest states regarding the price per gallon. We like to call it to pain at the pump, especially when comparing it to gasoline's national average across the country.

Last year, Idaho's big three of gas providers avoided a costly fight with the state's attorney general by giving 1.5 million dollars in gas discounts, reports the Idaho Statesman. Now the gas cartel wants to make sure Idaho doesn't have the power to enforce regulations that would stop sticking it to the consumer for a profit.

The Idaho Attorney General's office has a problem with the law because of the issue of what is and what isn't 'price gouging.' The truth is that Idaho is one of the most expensive states to buy gasoline in the country. We've urged our politicians for years to come up with a solution. They answer the people by repeating the same mantra over and over again, 'there's nothing we can do.'

I disagree with their replies; why not look at building a refinery that would service the entire Northwest? We currently get our gasoline from two sources; the pipeline in Salt Lake City, Utah, and our friends in Montana. Idaho is blessed with enough land to build a new refinery without concerns about harming the environment.

I can't recall the last time the Idaho Senate or House looked into the prospect of lowering the price of gas for Idahoans. We cannot afford to continue living with the status quo.

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