Jane Fonda has decided to answer a request from a local student in Boise. The well-known actress/activist will fund a class for local students to attend at Boise State University, reports Idaho Education News.  The class will be on climate change.

Shiva Rajbhandari attends Boise High and is very active in community outreach. Rajbhandari volunteers for causes that he believes in from the report in the Idaho Education News.  

The student sent a letter to Fonda to pay for the class at Boise State. Idaho High School student who qualifies academically can take college classes but still, have to pay the tuition at a discounted rate. Rajbhandari and his friends wanted to take the climate change class. Fonda called him and agreed to pay for nine students. However, there was a catch. The students would have to petition for the group Greenpeace to Idaho elected leaders.  .  

Fonda has been a fixture in both politics and entertainment for years. She was known as Hanoi Jane for supporting the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. No word on whether or not this is the first time Fonda has given to students in Idaho. The students plan to give their petitions to Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson.  

The students told Idaho Education News that they would not like to look for outside help to fund their education. They believe that their quest for knowledge should be sufficient to justify their classes at Boise State. The students say they're looking forward to their class on climate change considering this year's drought in our area. No word on whether Joe Biden will work on funding more education programs at taxpayer expense. 

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