It's hard to believe that politicians across the country are urging Americans to limit their Thanksgiving holiday.  These public servants say that due to the Covid,  Americans must not attend large gatherings. Now Joe Biden has weighed in on the controversy.  So is Joe pro or con Thanksgiving?  The Democratic Nominee is urging Americans to Limit Thanksgiving to 10 people or less, says Fox News.  The travel industry has been ravaged by the Covid virus.   Airlines have continued to weather massive losses due to the loss of recreational and business travel.  Financial experts speculate that business travel may never recover from the Covid.  Unlike the Great Recession, technology has changed the game making most, it not all, business travel unnecessary.

The possibility of a vaccine has caused a spike in travel and recreational stocks.  Destination hot spots like Las Vegas have seen massive layoffs due to fears and government shutdowns.  The uncertainty of the current presidential election has caused many Americans to consider staying at home instead of the traditional end of year travel.

Biden has also stated that he will be one of the first Americans to take a Covid vaccine once one is made available, reports the New York Post.  Biden expanded on his new outlook in a recent public statement.  “I wouldn’t hesitate to get the vaccine if in fact Dr. Fauci and these two organizations — whether it’s Moderna or Pfizer, which have been extremely responsible — conclude that it is safe and able to be done,” Biden said.

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