Kevin Miller begins the program from the Nampa Wal Mart.  It's day 3 of Miller's Mission benefiting the Boise Rescue Mission.  Kevin Miller introduces two topics that he hopes will provoke reaction from the listening audience.  Kevin Miller interviews members of the Boise Rescue Mission who've gone through the program.  Kevin Miller interviews Senator Mike Crapo live from Washington DC.  Fox News Reporters Rachel Sutherland and Jeff Monosso speak with Kevin.  Kevin Miller investigates the candidacy of Paulette Jordan who is running for US Senate.  Jordan's campaign manager quit recently.  Kevin Miller asks Jordan to answer the charges that her campaign relies too much on out of state workers.  Kevin Miller covers the ever concerning controversy involving the disappearance of the Idaho Legislature.  He explains that they should be using the media to put pressure on the governor to help them come back in session.







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