Kevin Miller reviews last night's Democratic LGBTQ that was televised on CNN.  Kevin Miller took phone calls from listeners responding to his topic.  He continued his assault on the global warming folks.  He demonstrated how cold it is in Idaho and Denver, Colorado.

Kevin Miller points out that the temperature in the mile high city dropped 70 degrees in 24 hours.  . After enjoying sunny 83-degree temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday, residents of the Mile High City woke up Friday to an Arctic-like 13 degrees -- and a layer of snow on the ground. The mammoth 70-degree drop tied the record for Denver's second biggest temperature plunge and set a new one for the biggest plummet in October. The city's biggest temperature change occurred in December 2008, when thermostat readings fell 76 degrees.  Kevin Miller asks the audience the following questions:  Have you ever been caught unprepared in cold weather? Is winter getting worse every year?

Kevin Miller reviews President Trump's speech in Minnesota from the previous evening.  He takes calls from listeners who complain that Joe Biden is getting a pass.  Kevin Miller shares a clip from one presidential candidate.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Thursday night has gone viral. CNN invited several Democratic presidential hopefuls to an LGBTQ Town Hall. Warren was asked how she'd respond to someone who believes in the "old-fashioned" view of marriage between one man and one woman. "Well, then just marry one woman. I'm cool with that," Warren said to applause adding, "Assuming you can find one." Did you get a chuckle out of the comment? Are LGBTQ issues central to this election? Do you think Democrats are struggling to find a central tenant in 2020? What do you think the election is about?




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