Kevin Miller begins the week by reviewing the contentious Sunday talk shows.  He begins to analyze the situation involving America, Turkey and the Kurds.  President Trump is receiving heavy criticism for allowing the Turks to go after the Kurds.  Several people call in to disagree with Kevin Miller.  They believe America should not be the world's policeman.  Kevin Miller interviews Dave Petso from Petso Financial.  They discuss the latest on the trade war with China and the fears on an upcoming recession.  Lars Larson joins Kevin explaining how the liberals are trying to get rid of President Trump.

Kevin Miller shares the details involving how Netflix is working hard to cut back on password sharing, which is cutting into their pockets. During an interview, the chief product officer of the streaming platform, said that the company is monitoring how to bring password sharing to an end, but won’t reveal how they plan to do it just yet. According to research, Baby Boomers share their passwords 13 percent of the time for streaming services, compared to 35 percent of millennials and Generation Xers share 19 percent. Kevin Miller asks the KIDO Talk Radio audience the following questions:  Do you share your password with family and friends for streaming services?  Would you pay for your on streaming service instead of relying on a family member to provide you one for free or at a reduced cost?




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