Kevin Miller previews tonight's upcoming Democratic Presidential Debate in Westerville, Ohio.  Twelve major candidates will go at it in the Buckeye State.  Most experts believe newly minted front runner Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will take the heat from all comers.  There is one issue that continues to haunt former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Kevin Miller shares the latest with the KIDO Talk Radio Audience involving the Bidens.   More information has come out regarding Hunter Biden's role on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. According to more than a dozen interviews with former prosecutors, executives, and others, the younger Biden provided corporate finance, strategy, and legal advice - and never visited the country for business purposes, Reuters reports. In retrospect, Biden says in a statement that joining the company's board while his father was Vice President may have been poor judgement; however, he did not make an ethical mistake.

Kevin Miller reflects how the media would be treating President Trump if one of his kids got a sweetheart deal while he was serving in office.  Kevin Miller follows up with the following questions this time involving the former vice president:  If Joe Biden wasn't running for president, would asking a county to investigate potential impropriety by former US officials regarding that county be out of line? Has your opinion on possible impeachment of the President changed?




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