Kevin Miller begins his program by broadcasting from Ed's 50s Cafe in Meridian, Idaho.  Kevin takes his show to Ed's every year to preview the upcoming Professional Bull Riders   Kevin Miller continues his conversation concerning celebrating Columbus Day verses Indigenous People's Day.  He shares a story about a teacher who is not a fan of Christopher Columbus.

A 5th grade teacher in Detroit stirred up quite a controversy when she showed up to class on Columbus Day wearing a shirt that read "Columbus Was A Murderer".Emma Howland-Bolton says she hoped the shirt would "spark discussion", but school administrators asked her to remove it.  Howland-Bolton says she was told "that my shirt was my opinion, and I countered with, it is a fact". Ultimately, the school chose not to discipline Howland-Bolton for her fashion statement, but the shirt kicked up plenty of debate on social media.

Kevin Miller took several calls on this issue.  Do you think the shirt was inappropriate to wear in school?  Would it be different if the students were older?  Who are some other historical figures that you look at differently now?

Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the fallout over Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds.  Most listeners continue to back President Trump.  Kevin Miller looks at all the local elections including the mayor's race in Boise and Meridian.  He commends anyone who is running for office to make a positive difference in our community.




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