Kevin Miller begins his program by broadcasting from the College of Western as part of his Promote our Schools, Secure our Future.  Kevin Miller interviews Alex Beal the Department Chair of Diesel Technology.  They discuss the various job opportunities for students of the programs.

Kevin Miller continues interviewing the staff at CWI. Kevin Miller is joined by Justin Vance the Dean of Arts and Humanities at CWI. They review the curriculum for students who are looking to get a start in a post high school career. Kevin and Justin share the importance of writing as a life-long job skill.

CWI's dual partnerships with Idaho schools is one of the most popular programs, allowing Idaho students to get a jump on their college courses. Carol Crothers, Manager of Math Solutions, and Randi Smith, Dual Credit Coordinator, speak about how Idaho students have and continue to take advantage of this great program.

Mark Browning, Vice President of College Relations, shares the history and vision of CWI with Kevin Miller. Technology's role in the growth of Idaho education is explained to the KIDO Talk Radio audience.

Todd Christensen of Cap Ed Credit Union explains the success of their Read to Rise program.

Luis Caloca, Director of Admissions and One Stop Students Services, joined Kevin Miller. They share how education makes a difference in the lives of students who commit themselves lifelong learning.

Becca Levi, a communications student, speaks with Kevin Miller about various topics.  Levi adds some levity to an action packed show.





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