Kevin Miller begins the program by looking over the latest comments from Washington DC.  It looks like the Democrats, without a vote, will move impeachment out of the House of Representatives.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to his reporting.

Dave Petso joins Kevin Miller for his weekly segment.  The possibility of a worldwide recession is discussed.  Kevin Miller asks Dave Petso coming out of the Golden State.  California has become the first U.S. state to ban the sale and manufacture of all new fur products after Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law on Saturday.  Beginning in 2023 residents may not make or sell clothing, shoes or handbags with fur.Those that support the bill say it will help to end the inhumane ways that businesses get their fur.  Critics told NBC that the law will only strengthen the sale of fur on the black market.  Newsom also signed into law that would bar most animals from performing in the circus, joining Hawaii and New Jersey.  Domesticated cats, dogs and horses will still be allowed in the circus.Do you believe that other states should ban the sale of fur?  Do you think that the ban will prevent the inhumane treatment of animals?  Kevin Miller interviews nationally syndicated talk show host Lars Larson.  Lars explains to Kevin when an impeachment move would happen.   Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to their conversation.





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