Kevin Miller invites listeners to discuss the current move by Washington Politicians to take away the Second Amendment.  Kevin Miller reviews some of the current policies at Boise State University.  Several listeners call in to voice their opinions.  Kevin Miller reveals a rather unusual story involving a job applicant and social media.   Getting turned down for a job can be heartbreaking - now imagine getting turned down by a company that proceeds to make fun of you on social media. An Austin-based marketing company called 'Kickass Masterminds' is being accused of bullying a woman who applied for an internship. After turning her down, the company took a racy bikini photo from the woman's Instagram account and posted it themselves, writing "this is not doing you any favors in finding a professional job". But the move seems to have backfired .  After facing widespread criticism from people accusing them of 'shaming' and 'bullying' the applicant, Kickass Masterminds appears to have shut down its social media accounts and website. Would you consider this 'bullying'?  Did the company cross a line by sharing her personal photo?  Do you worry about your employer viewing your social media accounts?

Kevin Miller reminds everyone that October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month.  He takes calls from listeners expressing their concern on how to stop this deadly movement.




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