Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at few topics.  He reports on the media's reaction to the Republican House Members who showed up at an impeachment hearing uninvited.  The major news outlets gave a very one sided view of the story.  Kevin Miller took calls from listeners supporting the House Freedom Caucus Members.  Kevin Miller reported on the comments of President Trump who said we are building a wall around the state of Colorado.  Kevin Miller revisited the diversity debate reaction from yesterday's show.  Kevin Miller shared a new poll that is getting a lot of buzz online and across the country.  Poll: 67% of Americans Believe Civil War is Imminent Political discourse since the birth of the United States is nothing new but according to a new Georgetown University poll 67% of Americans think that our country is in such a disarray that another Civil War is imminent. The poll revealed that Americans are not only dissatisfied with the nation's politics, but they're angry, too.   The University's annual Battleground poll showed that many believe the 2020 election will be so divisive that it may lead to a rift in our country like 1860's election led to the Civil War. Do you think our country could soon head into a second civil war?  What can our country do unite in such a politically divisive time?





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