Kevin Miller starts the day on the right side.  He provides further insight on the continued controversy at Boise State University.  The new president spoke to business leaders on the direction of the University.  Several conservative lawmakers have questioned whether or not BSU reflects Idaho values.  One lawmaker posted a photo of one of the unisex bathrooms on campus.  His post led to many progressive liberals in the state denouncing him.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the controversy.

Kevin Miller opens the phone lines involving whether or not America should abandon the Kurds.  Kevin Miler reports that the US Secretary of Defense says the United States has not abandoned Kurdish allies in Syria and calls a Turkish offensive in the region "impulsive." "To be clear, we are not abandoning our Kurdish partner forces and US troops remain with them in other parts of Syria," said Sec. Mark Esper, Friday, in response to criticism that the US's withdraw of a small number of troops from the region under attack effectively gave Turkey a 'green light,' the Washington Times reports. SecDef also said the incursion by Turkish president Erdogan will only further destabilize the region.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions: Do the comments quell criticism of the troop draw-down? A bipartisan group in Congress continues to work on massive sanctions, is that the right approach?




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