Kevin Miller begins the morning by broadcasting live from Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho.  He interviews the members of the administration, teachers, and students.  Kevin Miller covers the reaction to yesterday's impeachment vote in the House of Representatives.  Kevin Miller shares a prank that happened during yesterday's vote in Congress.   A Republican prank on Halloween has some Democrats crying foul on Capitol Hill. Moving boxes were sent to some Democrats, apparently signalling that they would need to pack their things if they continued down the impeachment road, NBC News reports. Some weren't thrilled, however, and viewed the boxes in the same light as other suspicious packages that get to sent to lawmakers from time to time and Capitol police were called to investigate these just the same.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions to the KIDO Talk Radio audience.  Do you find the prank clever? Was it in poor taste? Do you think Democrats are the ones who wasted Capitol police time by reporting what they should have clearly recognized as a prank?  Kevin Miller shares a story about the big time change this weekend.  As the clocks fall back to standard time this weekend, scientists would like to point out the effects that Daylight Saving Time has on the body. While losing an hour of sunlight in the day has been shown in one study to up the number of people seeking out treatment for depression, even greater harm is done during the springtime. The instances of car accidents and heart attacks increase, as well as throwing off our body clocks in a way that takes months to recover. And while there's a claim that springing forward saves energy, new research shows that's not the case. Scientists writing for the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms would like to see the country remain on standard time, something Hawaii and most of Arizona does currently.




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