Kevin Miller kicks off the morning on the right side by once again looking at the LA Times story profiling the city of Boise.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners giving their take on the hit piece by the Times.  Kevin Miller lets everyone know that Disney + is now available for purchase.  He also updates the listening audience on a story involving a former president. Former President Jimmy Carter has been admitted to an Atlanta hospital for an operation to reduce pressure on his brain.Doctors on Monday discovered the 95-year-old is suffering from bleeding in his brain, causing it to swell, according to the Carter Center. Medical officials believe the bleeding was caused by Carter's "recent falls," the Carter Center reveals. The surgery is set to occur early Tuesday, doctors say.Carter, the 39th president, is now the longest-living commander-in-chief in U.S. history.With a few of the current candidates being close to 80, do you think Carter will hold the title of the longest-living president in history for long? How has the country changed since Carter was president?  Kevin Miller plays a story on channel 7 that looks at the amount of cash being infused into the city of Ontario, Oregon.  Kevin gives his take on the issue and then moves on to a preview of tomorrow's impeachment hearings that will be all over the world.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to several stories that he has reported on this morning.




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