Kevin Miller begins his live Black Friday show opining about the loss of reverence for the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  He thanks everyone who has and is working today.  Kevin Miller looks at President Trump's surprise trip to Afghanistan to spend Thanksgiving with the troops.  Kevin Miller reported on how to protect yourself from Christmas thieves.  He took calls on the state of Utah banning Gay conversion therapy.   Kevin Miller warned folks about a new edition coming to Amazon's Alexa.   Alexa, has just inched a little closer to becoming self-aware and taking over the world. At least that's what conspiracy theorists waiting for the machine apocalypse might think. The virtual assistant has been upgraded to express more emotions, Amazon has revealed. Thanks to new vocal intonations that have been added to Alexa's database, it can now show such feelings as disappointment, happiness or excitement, officials at the online retailer report. The upgrade comes after marketing tests revealed people preferred the device's new style of speaking over its previous monotone voice, says Victoria Petrock, analyst for eMarketer. "As these things become more integrated into people's daily lives, if you have an Alexa in your kitchen and you're asking here more and more things, you don't necessarily just want to talk to a computer voice," Petrock says. Do you approve of the Alexa upgrade? Are you afraid technology could get out of hand?




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