Kevin Miller begins the Monday morning edition by reviewing the move by Congress to send the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.  Kevin Miller switches gears to the latest situation involving our country and Iran. Anti government protests erupted in Iranian universities over the weekend with protesters demanding that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khemenei resign after military officials in the country confessed to unintentionally shooting down a Ukrainian plane, killing 176.Fox News reports that protesters held banners with the faces of 16 students who were killed in the crash while chanting for the Revolutionary Guard to "let our country go!"U.S. President Trump tweeted a message of support to the students, promising that his administration stands by them and that he was inspired by their courage.  Kevin Miller takes calls from his listeners on the topic.  Kevin Miller switches topics to the big news politically.   Democratic presidential hopeful and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is willing to spend some serious cash to defeat the current White House administration in 2020, even if it means spending $1 billion to support Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders if he doesn't win the nomination.  The New York Times reports that Bloomberg has already spent $200 million of his own money in TV advertising for his own campaign.  Worth around $50 billion, Bloomberg said during a stop in Texas that even if he didn't win the nomination he would spend the money to help Warren or Sanders win the election, regardless of their opposing views.  While some respect that Bloomberg's using his own wealth to finance his campaign, he's also been criticized for trying to essentially "buy the presidency."  Kevin Miller takes calls from his listeners responding to the topic.  Kevin Miller interviews Dave Petso and Lars Larson.




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