Kevin Miller welcomes the audience from a well deserved weekend.  Kevin Miller reviews the latest in the liberal attempts to remove President Donald Trump from office.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to the latest news.  Kevin Miller reports on the newest opinion polls on the impeachment movement.   Kevin Miller shares a new story concerning a new style work week.  Microsoft Japan Brings In 3-Day Weekends There's no question that Japan has some of the longest work hours in the world and now Microsoft is attempting to foster a better work-life balance for its employees. This new strategy at the software giant will see the introduction of a three-day weekend. According to Microsoft, when the company decreased hours of its workweek, productivity actually increased. Kevin Miller asks the KIDO Talk Radio audience the following questions:  Would you welcome a four-day workweek and in what ways do you feel it would make you more productive?  What would this model do for the U.S. economy overall?  Kevin Miller shares the latest good news on the stock market.   All three major US indexes continued their opening gains Monday.  Fox Business reports the upbeat day's trading is the result of renewed optimism that an ongoing trade riff between the US and China may be coming to at least a partial resolution. Officials said Monday that final language for "phase one" of the trade deal is currently being crafted. Do you think a partial deal will be signed by year's end? Will that impact how you vote in 2020? How are you being affected by the trade war?




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