Kevin Miller rings in the New Year by interviewing two news makers that have influenced the Treasure Valley.  He spends time with Tea Party Bob and Phil Hardy.  He then updates everyone on the latest in Iraq.  After accusing Iran of "orchestrating" Tuesday's attack by protesters at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, President Trump is sending more U.S. troops to the Middle East.  750 soldiers are deploying immediately and as many as 4,000 total could join them in the coming days.On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that the protesters "will pay a very BIG PRICE!" for the attack, which fortunately did not result in any U.S. casualties.  The protests were triggered by recent U.S. airstrikes that killed 25 Iraqi militia fighters, launched after an American contractor was killed in a rocket attack last week.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Is sending more troops the right response?  How concerned are you about growing tensions with Iran?  Kevin Miller reveals that Bernie Sanders has raised 35 million dollars for his presidential campaign.  One person has surprised the field. The Pete Buttigieg campaign says it's raked in more than $24.7 million in donations over the last three months.That's more than fellow 2020 frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have raised and in line with Bernie Sanders, who raised $25.3 million in the previous quarter.All told, the Buttigieg campaign has raised about $76 million since launching in early 2019 and appears to be gaining steam while the Biden and Warren campaigns have fallen off in fundraising.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  How much stock do you put in fundraising totals?  Could Buttigieg surge into first place with a win in Iowa?




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