Kevin Miller broadcasts a special show of his morning show.  He interviews three big news makers covering issues of local, state, and national importance.  Kent Goldthorpe an Ada County Highway Commissioner discussed the enormity of the transportation challenges involving the state of Idaho.  David Bozell of For America looks at the politics from DC.  Former US Attorney Chuck Ambrose looks at the Impeachment Trial.  Kevin Miller looks at a feud between two big political rivals.  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton for calling her a 'Russian asset' during an interview last year.  The Hawaii Congresswoman filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Clinton, claiming the comments damaged Gabbard's "political and personal reputation". In a podcast interview last October, Clinton said Gabbard was a "favorite of the Russians", who were "grooming" her to run as a third-party candidate. Gabbard has not yet ended her presidential campaign and currently polls around 1-2 percent.  Kevin Miller looks at a strange story involving a man and a dead coyote.  A New Hampshire man reportedly killed a coyote with his bare hands after the vicious animal tried to take off with his 2-year-old son. The incident occurred Monday after Ian O'Reilly watched in horror as a coyote grabbed his son by the hood of his jacket and began dragging him across the ground. When O'Reilly intervened, the animal turned its attention toward him, biting his arm twice. "I was able to get its head into the snow and get my hand around its snout, so it could no longer bite me," O'Reilly says. "And then, from there, I was able to suffocate it by using my body weight and scissor-locking it until it basically expired." O'Reilly adds he'd "never harmed an animal so it was a weird experience." It turns out the incident didn't mark the coyote's first attack of the day. Two hour earlier, a woman and her two dogs each received bite wounds when the coyote attacked them on her porch, police say.





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