Kevin Miller begins the last show of the year by updating everyone on the latest involving our embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.  He updates folks on a story he brought up yesterday involving a police officer who lied and got caught.  A Kansas cop has resigned after making up bogus claims that a McDonalds employee wrote "pig" on his cup of coffee. The 23-year-old officer told Harington Police Chief Brian Hornaday that the lie he told "was meant to be a joke."  The accusations were no joke to the McDonald's employees who conducted their own investigation by looking at security footage and asserting that no one wrote "pig" on the officer's receipt. The Chief first called the incident a black eye on the city but now that the truth has come out he has called the incident "a black eye on law enforcement and a violation of the public's trust."  He also said that charges against the officer weren't warranted at this time.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions: Do you think this cop's lie was "meant to be a joke" like he said or do you think he didn't think he would get busted?  Do you think that criminal charges should be filed against the officer?  Should the McDonald's employees band together and sue him?  Kevin Miller then takes calls from the Treasure Valley responding to his statements.





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