Kevin Miller opens the show by reviewing that the city of Boise has a new mayor.  Lauren McClean has defeated the incumbent mayor of sixteen years.  He takes calls from listeners responding to his reporting.  He reports that a major presidential candidate has dropped out of the race. Sen. Kamala Harris is ending her 2020 presidential bid, which has seen a steady decline in polling over the last several months.Harris announced in a Medium post that she was suspending her campaign, calling it "one of the hardest decisions of my life" and claiming that she "simply doesn't have the financial resources we need to continue".  Harris was considered a frontrunner at one point, but her polls have been declining for several months and her campaign recently laid off staffers to focus on Iowa.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  Why do you think Harris dropped in the polls after a strong start?  Which candidates will benefit the most from Harris dropping out?  Which candidates will be hurt?  Kevin Miller switches to the topic of shopping and technology with an alarming fact about a beloved appliances. That shiny new Smart TV you bought for the holidays?  It could be spying on you, the FBI warns.FBI officials say TVs often have fewer security features than laptops or smartphones, leaving them more vulnerable to hackers looking to access your home network.According to the FBI, hackers could potentially use that access to show inappropriate videos or even spy on you through the TV's camera.  They recommend changing your password, disabling risky features, or even putting a piece of tape over the camera.  Kevin Miller asks:  Are you concerned about digital 'spies' in your home?  Do you own a smart TV



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