Kevin Miller begins the show by sharing clips from the recent Impeachment hearings in Washington DC.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who react to the latest attempts to remove President Trump from office.  Kevin Miller interviews Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher who says the Impeachment will be done by Friday.  Kevin Miller looks at the continued fallout over the death of Kobe Bryant.  Kevin Miller reveals the he knows Matt Gutman and considered him a standout journalist before this big mistake.    An ABC News correspondent who wrongly reported that all of Kobe Bryant's children were killed has been suspended. Matt Gutman, the network's chief national correspondent, initially reported that the NBA legend's four daughters were with him when his helicopter crashed on Sunday. In fact, only one of his children -- 13-year-old Gianna -- was among the eight people who died with Bryant in the tragedy. Although Gutman has since apologized for the error, the network on Wednesday suspended him for "failing to meet our editorial standards," ABC execs said in a statement. The length of Gutman's suspension has not been revealed. With the networks rushing to beat each other in airing breaking stories, should Gutman shoulder all the blame for this mistake?   Kevin Miller recalls the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger that blew up 34 years ago today costing America the lives of the astronauts on board and the first teacher in space.




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