Kevin Miller starts the week with the news that Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee will draw up charges of impeachment against President Donald Trump.  The committee will have hearings on Monday.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners responding to his reporting.  He switches gears to a very controversial topic involving Christmas.   A church east of L.A. is stirring controversy with its nativity scene. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph - separated. Each in individual cages topped with barbed wire.  Claremont United Methodist Church minister Karen Clark Ristine posting a photo on Facebook writing, "Imagine Joseph and Mary separated at the border and Jesus no older than two taken from his mother and placed behind the fences of a Border Patrol detention center as more than 5,500 children have been the past three years. Jesus grew up to teach us kindness and mercy and a radical welcome of all people."  Inside the church, there's another nativity scene, in which the holy family is united.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions to the audience:  Do you approve of the thought provoking scene?   How is the Christmas story different from what's going on with US immigration today?  Kevin Miller reviews the fallout over the Saudi National killing American Naval personnel in Pensacola, Florida.  Kevin Miller promotes the annual 7 cares day of giving from Channel 7, KTVB in Boise, Idaho.





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