Kevin Miller begins the show by looking at whether or not the state will repeal the grocery tax.  He takes calls from listeners complaining that state is overtaxed and under funding the roads. Kevin Miller looks at the latest on the border wall.  A newly installed section of the southern border wall fell over onto the Mexican side Wednesday after strong winds whipped through Calexico, California. According to Agent Carlos Pitones from the US Customs and Border Protection, the concrete panels were still fresh and couldn't stand up to the reportedly 37 mph gusts. Video shared by CNN affiliate KYMA shows the section leaning over and partially held up by some trees. No one was hurt, says Pitones, who adds, "Luckily, Mexican authorities responded quickly and were able to divert traffic from the nearby street." What sorts of construction-related mishaps have you come across at home?  Kevin Miller looks at the presidential race.   With around 100 million expected to tune into Sunday's Super Bowl, Mike Bloomberg wants people to know where he stands on the issue of gun violence. The 2020 White House contender has bought a 60-second commercial focusing on one of his biggest campaign issues. Featured in the spot, which highlights Bloomberg's efforts to take on the gun lobby, is Calandrian Simpson Kemp, whose son was shot and killed at the age of 20. In dedication, the ad is titled "George". Bloomberg isn't the only candidate with a commercial during the Big Game. President Trump's reelection campaign has also bought time. How do you feel about campaign advertisements during the game?





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