Kevin Miller begins the show with his Victor Miller promoting the Idaho Prayer Breakfast and the Ada County Lincoln Day Association's Lincoln Dinner.  Several VIPs from across the community join them in studio.  Kevin Miller looks at the proposed 'hands free' legislation being suggested in the city of Boise and at the state level.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners expressing their opinions.  Kevin covers the latest on the impending Impeachment vote today.   Kevin gives details on why it may be over this morning.   It's looking like the Senate impeachment trial will come to an end soon, without any witnesses called. On Thursday night, Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander announced that he would vote against calling witnesses - leaving Democrats one short of the four Republican votes they need. Friday's trial session will get underway at 1pm.  If the vote to call witnesses fails, a final vote on acquittal could take place by the end of the night.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions: How closely have you been following the trial?  Do you think we'll see any surprises today?  What will be the long-term effects of this impeachment saga?  Kevin Miller interviews former Congressman and now Fox News Pundit Jason Chaffetz.  They discuss Idaho and Utah politics.  The Congressman let's everyone know he'll be in town to speak at the Ada County Lincoln Day Association Breakfast.





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