Kevin Miller begins the program by looking at the New Hampshire Presidential Primary.  He takes calls from listeners responding to his statements.  Kevin Miller interviews Dave Petso about the markets and the first season of the XFL.  Kevin Miller speaks with Lars Larson during his weekly appearance on KIDO Talk Radio.  He's joined by Aaron and Rob from Team Mazda Subaru who are promoting the Jayden DeLucca Foundation's Masquerade Ball.

Kevin Miller returns to the topic of tomorrow's New Hampshire Primary.  It looks like it's down to the big two.  Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg continue to lead the 2020 pack just one day ahead of New Hampshire's primary. Multiple polls released over the weekend and Monday have Sanders and Buttigieg in the lead, followed by Elizabeth Warren in third and Joe Biden continuing his slide into fourth place. Two polls, from Emerson College and Suffolk University, have Amy Klobuchar leapfrogging both Biden and Warren for third place. New Hampshire voters will cast their primary votes on Tuesday.  Next up after that will be the Nevada caucus on Feb. 22nd, followed by South Carolina's primary on Feb. 29th.  Kevin Miller asks the following questions to the folks of the Treasure Valley: Who do you predict will be the leader heading into Super Tuesday?  Why has Biden fallen so far in the polls?





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