Kevin Miller begins the show by covering the results of the Democratic Presidential Primary in New Hampshire. t Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner in Tuesday New Hampshire primary.  Sanders emerged the winner of the pivotal primary, followed by Pete Buttigieg in second place and Amy Klobuchar in third. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden were fourth and fifth place. If the primary results match the predictions, Sanders will be awarded at least seven delegates, while Buttigieg and Klobuchar will each receive six. However, neither Warren nor Biden had enough votes at press time to receive any pledged delegates. What's responsible for former frontrunner Joe Biden's fall from grace? Which of the predicted top three finishers can you picture in the Oval Office?   While on the other hand New Hampshire voted big for President Trump.   In a victory that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, President Donald Trump has been declared the Republican winner of Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary. Trump easily defeated his sole opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. The Associated Press declared Trump the winner after just 40 percent of precincts had reported. At that point, the president had acquired 85 percent of the votes, compared to the 9 percent Weld had garnered, according to the AP. Although Trump didn't attend his victory party following the win, his son, Donald Trump Jr., filled in for him. "He's the first politician in generations to actually do the things he said he was going to do," the younger Trump told supporters. "He's the first to actually implement the policies that he talked about." Do you think Trump will remain in the Oval Office for another four years?





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