Kevin Miller starts the day by speaking with Caldwell Garrett Nancolas.  The mayor shares his perspective on how his city is working with county and state officials to serve the public.  Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue joins Kevin Miller to discuss how law enforcement is handling the coronavirus.  Brandon Atkins, Project Manager from Central District Health reviews how people can stay healthy.  Coronavirus cases aren't the only thing on the rise in California. Several of the state's police departments are reporting a dramatic increase in 911 calls, many of which are coming from residents expressing concern over coughing neighbors.Among the agencies that have experienced a rise in "emergency" calls is the Palm Springs Police Department, which has received at least five this week, says Sgt. Mike Casavan. The Cathedral City P.D. has also been deluged by calls, all from people who want police to stop neighbors from spreading the virus, according to Commander Paul Herrera.Because of the seriousness of the issue, 911 operators have been instructed to dispatch officers to investigate the claims, says Carlsbad Police Chief Neil Gallucci. Although none have proven to be legitimate so far, first responders are being extra vigilant in protecting themselves from possible infection. "If that happens enough, we worry about calls for service," Gallucci says. "We’re prepared to deal with issues that come up, but it’s a concern chiefs worry about."  Kevin Miller asks the following questions:  How would you react if a neighbor who saw you cough called the cops on you? Do you know anyone who's tested positive?





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